Frequently Asked Questions

Here we solve the most common questions, so that you have all the information always available.

Choosing the right supplier for your vacation guarantees the success of your vacation. Place your trust in true professionals: booking directly with owners guarantees answers, with a financial heritage that guarantees the commercial operation.

Our company, registered in Panama with RUC number 155711144-2-2021 DV35, operations notice nº 155711144-2-2021-2021-574272684, legal authorization for charter Nº 042-2023, and commercial office located in PH business 10th floor office 1010 calle 47, Bella vista, offers guarantees of seriousness in all its operations.

You are insured on any of our vessels under SURA’s COMMERCIAL insurance policy, number CA110379.

Our crew, professionally qualified to carry commercially bound vessels, fully knows all the proper procedures in the event of an emergency. Sailing is a lot of fun! But it is not a game: avoid improvisation and remember that the captain is responsible for the lives of the people on board.

Professional qualifications, in addition to being documents that must be delivered to port security personnel or to the Maritime Authority of Panama if required, guarantee us the ideal training of personnel, which allows them to face different situations with total safety and responsibility, whether of a climatological nature, safety on board or first aid.

Legality ensures that a vessel meets all the requirements of the AMP according to safety elements, this avoids the possible paralysis of the vessel due to legal non-compliance, and guarantees that our insurance company responds in the event of an unlikely accident on board.

Don’t risk and don’t settle for anything less than the best!

San Blas is an ideal year-round destination for adventure travelers. Temperatures are the same during all the year (average 27°C/82°F) and hurricanes and tornadoes do not reach this area.

During the dry season there is plenty of wind for sailing. If sailing is your priority, we encourage you to visit us at this time of the year.

The rainy season has the advantage of having really calm waters; this is the best time to enjoy snorkeling and swimming.

However, with climate change, the weather varies a lot and no longer follows the established patterns, so it will still rain a little in summer and you will have many sunny days in winter.

Entrance fee: $22 per person.

Visit to the islands: $3-$2 per person.

If you enter by plane, you must also pay $10 per plane and trip.

4×4 from Panama City to the port in San Blas: $80 round trip per person.

Watertaxi from the port to the boat: $70 round trip per person.

Remember that there are no ATMs in San Blas, you will only find them in Panama City. We advise you to withdraw enough cash if you wish to buy souvenirs or leave a tip for the crew (5 to 15% of the total rent).

To get to San Blas, from any part of Panama, there are two options:

1.- Fly to San Blas

A cab will pick you up at Tocumen airport in Panama or at your hotel in Panama City to take you to Albrook airport (The cost is about 25U$D). From here, a private plane will take you to the airstrip of Corazon de Jesus or El Porvenir, both in San Blas, where the boat crew, which will anchor nearby, will pick you up to take you on board.

The cost is significantly higher than by road, but it is by far the best option, as it takes only 50 minutes, as opposed to the 4-5 hours it takes by road. The amount is paid directly to the flight provider.

We can provide you with contacts for air transportation. There are no commercial flights.

The cost details for a shared plane are from U$D350 per person, round trip, or from U$D1,000 for a private three-seater plane, round trip. The flight takes about 50 minutes, depending on traffic, and is by far the most practical option, compared to the 4-5 hours it takes to arrive by land.

Entering by plane, once in San Blas, it is necessary to pay a fee of around $USD 10 for each trip and another U$D 12 in cash per person for the use of the airstrip.

2.- By road to San Blas

There is a road over the mountains from the Pacific side of Panama to San Blas on the Caribbean side. Although it is a paved road, it has many curves, climbs and steep descents. The trip lasts between 2 and 3 hours, starting from Tocumen airport, Panama City, and ending at the port of San Blas de Cartí. A 4×4 vehicle is required for this road and 4×4 group services are available from anywhere in Panama City (hotel or home pick-up from 5 to 6 a.m.) for approximately U$D 80 per person round trip, paid directly to the driver of the vehicle. The crew of the yacht can arrange such transportation upon request and provide you with the driver’s contact telephone number.

If you have your own 4×4, you can also drive to Cartí and park for $USD 5 per car. There are no more roads when you reach Cartí.

From Cartí, you will board a small boat to the ship, which will be waiting for you anchored inside the islands of San Blas. The day before your charter, the crew will provide you with instructions on how to board the sailboat. The boat service will be waiting for you at the port of Cartí. The boat transportation service is paid for at the Cartí maritime transportation office. The cost of the boat depends on the total number of passengers traveling in the same direction, but is usually around U$D 40 per person per trip.

There is an entrance fee to San Blas of $USD 20 per person with passport or $USD 5 for Panamanian residents, collected at a checkpoint on the road by representatives of the Guna Yala (San Blas) Congress. Don’t forget your passport or Panamanian ID!

Bring approx. US$ 180 in cash per person for the 4×4, entrance fee and boat.

The minimum time to see two or three islands is two days. We recommend 3 to 5 days to enjoy this paradise without rushing!

If you decide to arrive to San Blas by air, the boat will be waiting for you right next to the airstrip and the boat crew will also be waiting for you at the airstrip to take you to the boat, with a 2 minute dinghy ride, starting your journey through paradise.

However, if you decide to enter by land, the weather conditions for the dates of your trip will determine where the ship will be anchored to receive you as well as for route planning. However, we will be happy to listen to your preferences, whether you prefer a route focused on relaxation or discovering the culture of San Blas, snorkeling, and why not, a little bit of everything!

In San Blas we are under the rules of the indigenous community of Kuna Yala. Only the Kunas with the water cabs that take tourists to and from the boats have the authority to embark and disembark tourists at the port of San Blas.

To formalize the reservation, it is enough to make a transfer of 50% of the total amount of the trip.

No reservation will be considered firm until the amount of the reservation is credited via bank transfer.

The remaining amount of the trip must be paid in cash in $USD at the time of boarding. The charter will not start until the client has deposited the money with the captain.



Checking account

For international bank, only coming from USA:

Intermediary bank: CITIBANK N.A.

Swift: CITIU S 33XXX

ABA: 021000089

Physical address of intermediary bank: 11 Wall St New York city NY 10.036 USA

Beneficiary bank: BANESCO S.A.

Account with bank intermediary: 36893058


Beneficiary data: Tango Sail S.A.

It has Banesco S.A: 221021237635

Captain, sailor/cook, double and single rooms with bathroom, sofa/bed in living room, bed linen, towels, and hygiene products, dinghy, barbecue, 2 paddle boards, kayak and snorkeling equipment. Fuel, fresh water tank, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages in moderate consumption.

The price does not include:

* Transportation

* San Blas taxes:

– By road:

Community entrance fee (U$D 20/pax) + Carti port fee (U$D 5/pax) + island visit fee (U$D 3/pax).

– By El Porvenir airport:

Community entrance fee (U$D 20/pax)

– For the Heart of Jesus Airport:

Entrance to the community (U$D 12/pax) + Exit from the community (U$D 12/pax)

* Souvenirs and all those consumed outside of the ship

* 7% ITBMS

Yes, it is possible, please contact us for more information.

Children under 12 years of age receive a 50% discount and children under 3 years of age do not pay if they sleep with their parents.

From December 24 to January 6, rates will be increased by 20%.

Of course. In addition, in the general conditions section you can download the boat rental contract, where you can see our cancellation policy.

In case of bad weather, we are the first to cancel the charter, as the safety of the boat is primordial. In this case, we will refund the total amount of the reservation, except for the transfer costs.

On a shared charter, you share the boat and common areas with more people traveling like you, but you have your own private cabin, while on a private charter the entire boat is private to you and your guests. No one else, except the crew, will share space with you.

In ground transportation, the cost is:

  • Cab from any part of Panama City to the port of San Blas, about $80 per person, round trip.
  • Watertaxi from the port of San Blas to the catamaran about $70 per person, round trip.

For air transportation, the cost is:

  • Cab from any part of Panama City to Albrook airport, about $25 per car and transfer.
  • Private plane from Albrook airport to San Blas airport, from about $1,000, three seats, round trip.

The high quality food consists of a wide selection of fruits, vegetables, meats and seafood: popular appetizers, snacks at all times (fruits, cheeses, dips, snacks, chips, sweet and salty crackers…), plus fresh fish and fresh lobster, according to seasonal fishing (from March 1 to June 30 we respect the season of no seafood catch in San Blas). Food is purchased fresh for each charter, so we create unique menus that can be viewed in advance. If you or your guests have any food preferences or dietary restrictions, we can easily accommodate your request one week prior to the charter.

On board, the smallest passengers require the same, if not more, attention than adults. Our menus are based on fresh local products and international cuisine, with varied, simple and healthy dishes. If the children have any dietary preferences or dietary restrictions, we can easily accommodate your request one week prior to the charter.

Imagine getting out of bed and the paradise of San Blas delights you every morning with the vision of a moving and always different sunrise. If you feel like it, you can have breakfast on deck or take a dip in the sea. While swimming in the turquoise and blue waters, so transparent, you can see the bottom, see some starfish, turtles, dolphins, fish of all colors and manta rays … until you get to the beach a few meters away from you snorkeling or paddle. Meetings with Kuna friends and direct contact with their culture await you, perhaps over a bottle of rum in the evening!

The crew will be experienced sailors who love life at sea and are immensely happy to share it with you, opening the door of their floating home and showing you the wonders of nature. The boat will be your apartment and your conveyance.

As we like to eat healthy, we sailors fish or buy fish and seafood directly from the Kunas, so there will be no shortage of fresh fish and seafood on the menu, even barbecued! But maybe we may weigh anchor for our next island for lunch. These trips around the San Blas archipelago by sailboat or catamaran will normally be short, one or two hours, which we will enjoy, sunbathe, relax on deck and breathe that pure air that only the sea will give us.

Afterwards, bath, lunch, nap and maybe change islands to spend the night in another beautiful place. This wonderful day comes to the end sleeping with the slight movement of the boat, feeling the sea breeze on your body every night and in the most absolute silence where you will discover that you love nature more than you thought.

Not at all! It is very strange that during the navigation through the islands of San Blas, you can get seasick. This is due to the fact that all the islands are surrounded by a large barrier reef, which protects them from the large waves. In addition, it is always advisable to opt for routes specially designed for quiet and relaxed journeys.

In any case, we share with you several methods to help prevent travel sickness:

  • Before boarding, get a good night’s sleep the night before and do not drink alcohol. Drink plenty of water to reduce dehydration and minimize the effects of hangovers.
  • Do not eat acidic or high-fat foods. Avoid foods high in histamine, such as hard cheese, eggs, canned fish, alcohol or chocolate.
  • Never embark on an empty stomach. It is good to have a full stomach, but not too much.
  • It can be prevented with a dimenhydrinate medication (Biodramine type). It is important to take it half an hour before sailing, as it is of no use when you are already seasick.
  • Once on board, avoid enclosed spaces and entering the interior of the boat: Try to position yourself outside, at the front of the boat, at the bow. This way, by looking at the horizon and seeing the direction and course of the boat, you will be able to find or not lose your balance. The breeze will also help us to avoid heat and to strip us.
  • Try to avoid strong odors, such as colognes and cigarettes (not smoking, of course), as they increase and facilitate the occurrence of unwanted dizziness. Again, remember to seek fresh air.
  • Avoid looking at close objects, and do not read, so that your sight is lost over long distances.
  • Protect yourself from the sun.
  • Diving into the water.
  • Don’t bend down or lower your head.
  • Don’t close your eyes, because you will get even more dizzy.
  • Sea sickness has a certain psychological factor: if you think you are going to get seasick, you will end up seasick.
  • Participates in navigation tasks.
  • Drink soft drinks with sugar such as coca cola.
  • Take ginger, either in infusion, sucking it or simply smelling it.
    Breathing is key to avoid and reduce the effects of dizziness, it is best to take big breaths of air, and gradually expel it.
  • And above all, trust our crew, after years of experience, they have all the knowledge to deal with seasickness and will do their best to make you feel comfortable at all times!

Yellow fever vaccination is mandatory for all persons traveling from Brazil, who must present the international vaccination certificate issued by ANVISA at least 10 days prior to arrival. Exceptions:

– Children under 1 year old and adults over 60 years old.

– Travelers in transit in Brazil without leaving the transit zones.

– Holders of a certificate of contraindication for medical reasons.

Recommended: Hepatitis A and B, Meningitis, Tetanus, Typhoid fever treatment and antimalarials; rabies (in some areas of the country).

Please note that this information is provided for information purposes only and the health requirements for entry into a country always depend on your country of origin. The duty of the traveler is to consult this information with official sources: ministries of foreign affairs and health, embassies or any other governmental agency in matters of health, specifications for travel to this area of the Caribbean.

Yes, depending on availability… Don’t hesitate to ask us!

Unfortunately, the rules of the indigenous community of San Blas indicate that windsurfing and kitesurfing activities are totally prohibited. However, snorkeling and fishing in the company of the Kuna is possible!

Moderate alcohol consumption is considered to be that consumption that does not imply an onset of drunkenness. This limitation is due to the importance of not endangering and compromising the safety of all persons on board.

Children under 12 years of age receive a 50% discount and children under 3 years of age do not pay if they sleep with their parents.

Yes, you will have a free connection to a broadband internet service, thanks to the Starlink satellite system.

Little more than your passport, but be sure to check all the details on the official website of tourism in Panama, as these requirements may vary: https://es.tourismpanama.com/planea-tus-vacaciones/avisos/

Very few things are needed in paradise:

  • You will literally live in a bathing suit! Bring at least two bathing suits, as it is convenient to always have a dry one.
  • You will only need shoes for the round trip, so a good pair of sandals works perfectly.
  • A couple of summer dresses, shorts, sun-protective long-sleeved lycra-type T-shirts and a windbreaker for the evening should be all you need.
  • Remember to carry enough cash, as there are no ATMs in San Blas. Also bring enough $1 bills: kunas never have change in case you want to buy something!
  • Carry a passport to show to the authorities at the entrance to the region.
  • Travel light and avoid rigid or wheeled suitcases.
  • Remember that this is a tropical environment, we advise you to bring sunglasses, a hat, sunscreen and mosquito spray.
  • Don’t forget to bring your best adventurous and curious spirit to enjoy life at sea.

Yes, you can use it

Yes, you can use it

The currency in Panama is the Balboa and the US dollar. The bills used are dollar bills, while the coins are of cents and hundredths of a balboa. We recommend you to arrive with dollars and not with euros, or other currency, as the exchange rate in Panama is not very favorable, since there are not many exchange houses in the city.

Please note that your trip to San Blas is all-inclusive on board, except for transportation costs, entrance fees to the islands, tips and souvenirs, so extra expenses once in San Blas are minimal. We recommend bringing no more than $300 in cash.

Children enjoy being on board much more than adults! In addition, this activity with your family has many benefits: family togetherness, few electronic distractions, time for daydreaming and reflection, connection with nature and animals in a safe way, interaction between siblings, childhood memories, unique teaching and learning moments await the youngest members of the family!

Tips range from 5% to 15%. of the total amount of the trip, depending on the effort shown by the captain and the cook during the experience. Tipping is never mandatory and is always at the customer’s decision. You can give the tip directly to the captain or cook via cash or through us and we will give it to whomever you consider.

– Remember to carry enough cash, as there are no ATMs in San Blas. Also bring enough $1 bills: kunas never have change in case you want to buy something!

– Carry a passport to show to the authorities at the entrance to the region.

– Travel light and avoid rigid or wheeled suitcases.

– In San Blas there are no facilities and not many facilities, if you have special food requests or any ALLERGIES, please inform us so that an alternative menu can be arranged in time.

– Use of fresh water is limited, please follow crew instructions for proper use.

– Throw into the sea only what the fish can eat, together we can make San Blas a paradise.

– Remember that this is a tropical environment, we advise you to bring sunscreen and mosquito spray.

– Don’t forget to bring your best adventurous and curious spirit to enjoy life at sea.

We will welcome you aboard our houseboats and do our best to show you the wonder of life at sea. Please show respect for the ship and crew and you will collect unforgettable memories!