General terms and conditions

Choosing the right supplier for your vacation guarantees the success of your vacation. Trust in true professionals, booking directly with owners guarantees answers, an economic patrimony guarantees the commercial operation.

Our company, with registration in Panama RUC number 155711144-2-2021 DV35, operations notice number 155711144-2-2021-2021-574272684, legal authorization for charter number 042-2023, and commercial office located in PH business 10th floor office 1010 calle 47; Bella vista, offers guarantees of seriousness in all its operations.

You are insured on any of our vessels under SURA’s COMMERCIAL insurance policy, number CA110379.

Our crew, professionally qualified to carry commercially bound vessels, fully knows all the proper procedures in the event of an emergency. Sailing is a lot of fun! But it is not a game, avoid improvisations, remember that the captain is responsible for the lives of the people on board.

Professional qualifications, in addition to being documents that must be submitted to port security personnel or to the Panama Maritime Authority, in case they are required, guarantee the appropriate training of the personnel, which allows them to face different situations with total safety and responsibility, whether they are of a climatological nature, safety on board or first aid.

Legality guarantees that a vessel that complies with all the requirements of the Panama Maritime Authority regarding safety elements, avoids the possible paralyzation of the vessel due to legal non-compliance, and guarantees that our insurance company will respond in case of an unlikely accident on board.

Don’t risk, don’t settle for anything less than the best…!!!!!