Welcome to San Blas!

Imagine the paradise of San Blas: More than 300 islands full of palm trees in a paradisiacal place where no commercial development is allowed, with beautiful white sand beaches that remain dotted with shells, rich in virgin coral reefs, crystal clear turquoise waters, where you will see starfish resting peacefully on one of the most beautiful seabeds in existence. It is undoubtedly an ecological paradise, where the destinations accessible on our catamaran are far from the tourist crowds.

There are no buildings or artificial pools, because San Blas is an absolutely natural place.

A paradise that you will choose from an infinite number of idyllic places to enjoy the sun, the sea, and sailing!

Tango sail

Come on board our boats

Our two boats, a catamaran and a monohull, are fully equipped for both water sports and island adventures.

The boats are always impeccable and can be said to shine for their cleanliness. These great ships and their crew have earned the rating as 5-star voyages in different places, for their comfort, cuisine and treatment. Our crew is experienced and oriented to the most exclusive service to provide you with maximum safety, comfort and enjoyment, both in the islands and on board.

The trip

Our trips are almost always private, so you will be the only guest. Upon arrival, the captain will listen to your interests and propose an itinerary of activities according to the weather conditions for those days and your preferences.

The trips are always around the most beautiful islands and away from the commercial areas… Have you ever been alone, on an uninhabited island paradise, just for you and yours?

We will explore different islands each day and you will be able to relax in a different safe anchorage each night. Our captain uses both sails and engines to navigate as appropriate to ensure you and your group a safe trip.


How many days should I travel?

Three days and two nights is the minimum recommended time for the charter, but the minimum is two days. Five days however is fantastic, and includes a dinner on the island by the light of a bonfire. For a complete tour of the entire archipelago you need at least seven days to get around the main areas of San Blas, including Coco Bandero, the extensive Dutch Cays, the Limones Cays, Chichime and the beautiful southern islands: Los Grullos, Kuanidup, Cambombia, Isla Verde and more!

Gourmet gastronomy on board

Let yourself be seduced by the arrival of the eternal summer, with a captivating Caribbean culinary experience that explores the essence of fresh, high quality products, and its prized fruits, vegetables, meats, seafood and fish.

Enjoy a variety of delicacies that pay homage to the authentic paradise!

If you and your guests have any dietary preferences or restrictions, we can easily accommodate your request one week prior to the charter.

The catamaran is ideal for special events, including honeymoons, bachelor parties, birthdays and anniversaries, as well as family reunions (grandparents, parents and children from newborns to teenagers). It is a unique catamaran for business management meetings and group training seminars, as well as team building activities.

There is no additional charge for typical special arrangements – let us know if you have something to celebrate!

And what is the daily routine of the trip like?

Imagine getting out of bed and the paradise of San Blas delights you every morning with the vision of a moving and always different sunrise. If you feel like it, you can have breakfast on deck or take a dip in the sea. While swimming in the turquoise and blue waters, so transparent, you can see the bottom, see some starfish, turtles, dolphins, fish of all colors and sting rays … until you get to the beach a few meters away from you snorkeling or paddle. Meetings with Kuna friends and direct contact with their culture await you, perhaps over a bottle of rum in the evening!

The crew will be experienced sailors who love life at sea and are immensely happy to share it with you, opening the door of their floating home and showing you the wonders of nature. The boat will be your apartment and your conveyance.

As we like to eat healthy, we usually fish or buy fish and seafood directly from the Kunas, so there will be no shortage of fresh fish and seafood on the menu, even barbecued! But maybe we may weigh anchor for our next island for lunch. These trips around the San Blas archipelago by sailboat or catamaran will normally be short, one or two hours, which we will enjoy, sunbathe, relax on deck and breathe that pure air that only the sea will give us.

Then another salty bath, lunch, nap and maybe change islands to spend the night in another beautiful place. This wonderful day comes to the end sleeping with the slight movement of the boat, feeling the sea breeze on your body every night and in the most absolute silence where you will discover that you love nature more than you thought.